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Deep Learning? Now you know

UND’s CRC has helped to create an animated edutainment video to answer the question, “What is Deep Learning?” CRC staff created the original concept and wrote the script for the video. BAM! Studios of Fargo, ND, handled the animation and other production details. The video is part of the educational outreach for a state-wide research program with the acronym ND-ACES.


The ND EPSCor office runs the New Discoveries in the Advanced Interface of Computation, Engineering, and Science (ND-ACES). The NSF-funded research program will run for five years. Researchers and students from 10 North Dakota colleges and universities contribute to ND-ACES. Some ND-ACES researchers use advanced deep learning techniques to help develop computer models for cancer research.

The target audience for this ND-ACES video is people who would like an introduction to deep learning. The five-minute video has three parts. Part 1 explains that deep learning uses a process of trial and error like how young children learn new words. The second part introduces data sets, neural networks, and the “deep” in deep learning. Part 3 gives several examples of fields already using deep learning.

Find the ND-ACES video at the ND EPSCoR YouTube channel.