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Improved user experience for Talon supercomputer

The Computational Research Center (CRC) recently installed Open OnDemand on UND’s Talon supercomputer. With this upgrade, users can now use a web browser to access Talon computing resources. The Talon web address is

Open OnDemand combines software tools already used by many Talon users and enables new functionality.

Using a web browser, a user can now access the Talon shell and transfer files to and from Talon. These are the same functions provided by Secure Shell (ssh) and Secure Copy (scp) programs.

Open OnDemand also supports certain GUI applications on Talon. The CRC has integrated several popular scientific applications into the Open OnDemand framework. Part of the program runs on a Talon compute node while the GUI runs in your browser. The CRC now hosts the following applications on Talon.

  • Fiji
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Paraview
  • RStudio

Finally, users can now access a compute node’s remote desktop. This could be useful if someone has a less common but computationally intensive GUI application.

Please submit a CRC support ticket if you have any questions.