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Native Dancer- Making Jingles

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

As mentioned in the blog earlier from this week, I have been going back and making adjustments on various clothing designs I had already done in Marvelous Designer. Another thing I went back and looked at was the jingle element used on the first Jingle Dress. After discussing with the Native Dancer (ND) advisory committee, we chose to make the jingles in the second dress a little bigger and closer together. To accomplish this, my first step was to modify the jingle a little more. Beyond changing the size, I went back into Mesh mixer and adjusted the thickness of the hollow cone shape used to make the jingle. Next, I modified the shape by making it a bit taller, than the first jingle. I also increased the width but not as much as the height to accomplish the newer shape.

Native Dancer- Jingle shape in Meshmixer

After Completing the new jingle in Meshmixer, I was able to upload the piece into Marvelous designer(MD) to apply to the second Jingle Dress. When uploading Obj. Files into Marvelous designer, there are various options that you can apply to the Obj. that will affect how they work with your design in MD. When adding the jingles, I upload the pieces as “trim”, as they will be hanging elements.

Native Dancer- Second Jingle Dress, Jingle simulation

To attach the jingles to the dress, I go into the 2D pattern window to add breakpoints in the pattern where the fabric the jingle will hang on will be sewed on. After sewing on this small piece, I positioned and “glue” the jingle in place. Now when the dress simulates, the jingles will hang in place from the fabric. Another change from the first dress to now, Is the shape of the fabric I used to hang the jingles on. On the first dress I used a small rectangle shape. As for the second dress, the fabric is more of a cone shape to mimic how the fabric on a real jingle dress gathers where it is tied to the jingle. My next step is to finish applying the jingles to all other parts of the second dress, as well as add floral prints to the fabric.