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Native Dancer: Moccasin Updates

 Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

As mentioned in a previous blog, the Native Dancer Metaverse project is using a cloth simulation tool compatible with Marvelous Designer and the Unreal engine called uDraper. Since the making of the demo video of the grass dancer available to watch here on YouTube, there has been a newer version of uDraper released for public testing. Us working on Native Dancer are testing the latest version on the Grass Dancer male character and going to be using it on the Fancy Shawl female character too.  

Since we are taking the time to remake the grass dancer demo video while moving forward with creating a demo video for the fancy shawl dancer, we decided to give the male regalia a few updates. Previously, the moccasins made for the male grass dancer character were made using less features in Marvelous Designer. As I have been able to progress in using all the features in Marvelous Designer and calculate other ways to simulate various pieces of clothing, the new moccasins have been executed with more details and look more realistic.

Details added such as top stitching and changing the textures of the material gave the footwear a more realistic look in how they fit the character. Below you can see each of the moccasins for each of the three Native Dancer characters in their updated states.  

Native Dancer Project- Moccasin Updates