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UND CRC Joins Open Science Grid

The UND CRC is now a member of the Open Science Grid (OSG) Consortium. The CRC is contributing spare compute cycles on UND’s Talon system to OSG’s Open Science Pool (OSPool). The OSPool is available for use by US-based research projects. This bolsters the economic strength of the nation.

OSG provides computing capacity to researchers using distributed High-Throughput Computing (HTC). HTC is a form of research computing where the jobs can have 100s to 1000s of independent tasks. The tasks typically execute on different computers from different contributors.

Opportunistic Access to Talon

OSG researchers do not directly access Talon. They submit their jobs to the OSG OSPool. The OSG software checks among contributors to find an available computer. If a job can run on Talon, OSG software may route the job to UND on the researcher’s behalf. In just over two weeks (during the holiday break), Talon has run over 10,000 OSG jobs.

CRC Maintains Local Control

UND CRC still controls the computing resources they contribute to the OSPool. OSG jobs on Talon are limited to a single compute core and 4GB RAM. Also, any local Talon job runs at a higher priority than the OSG jobs. That means that OSG jobs will be cancelled when local users require these resources.

Benefits to UND

OSG receives financial support from the US National Science Foundation. Accordingly, UND’s contribution to the research computing capacity of OSG aligns with NSF’s goals. This is a first step towards Talon becoming an OSG access point. Our partnership with OSG will strengthen future UND cyberinfrastructure funding proposals.