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Asynchronous instructional methods: When, how, and why to use them Nov. 26

Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019, at noon in SMHS W203 for the next Evidence-Based Teaching session: “Asynchronous Instructional Methods: When, How, and Why to Use Them!” presented by Dr. Adrienne Salentiny.

The session will be streamed and recorded for later viewing, but whether you come in person or watch the session online or after the fact, please watch this 5-minute video before the session!

Have lunch on us and learn how to improve your curriculum! (A light lunch will be offered for on-site attendees, but you are also welcome to bring your own lunch. Click here to RSVP by November 20 to ensure we have enough food for everyone.)

Are you drowning in content, unable to effectively deliver it AND dig deeper into applications during the available class time? Are there certain concepts students often struggle to understand, year after year? Are students skipping your live sessions or zoning out in favor of other activities they believe are “higher yield?” Asynchronous approaches to core content enable you to focus on deeper learning experiences during class. Provide students with just-in-time clarifications and reviews. Increase knowledge retention with independent preparation and learning tools.

Join Dr. Adrienne Salentiny, instructional designer, and explore the benefits and challenges to adding asynchronous strategies to your teaching and learning toolkit. Asynchronous methods are not only for online classes: they include all directed learning activities that take place outside of class. Why, how, and when (and when not!) to teach asynchronously will be discussed. Bring a topic, activity, or challenge to discuss as a group!

This workshop is part of the Evidence-Based Teaching (EBT) series hosted by Education Resources and the Office of Education and Faculty Affairs. This series, held the fourth Tuesday of every month, showcases topics of interest to the medical and health education community and is free and open to anyone at UND. Previous EBT sessions can be streamed from our website at:

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to suggest a future meeting topic, please contact Adrienne Salentiny (