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Physical Therapy Class of 2024 enters into professional service

The UND Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Class of 2024 “Entrance Into Professional Service Ceremony” was held in the UND Memorial Union on July 14, 2022.

At the event, guest speaker Dr. Karen Rasmusson, a three-time alumna of the UND Department of Physical Therapy, spoke of her life as a PT. Dr. Rasmusson has worked 45 years as a physical therapist and was co-owner of First Choice Physical Therapy in Minot, N.D., from 2001 to 2020. She also is a past President of APTA North Dakota and is a 47-year member of APTA and APTA North Dakota.

This ceremony marks three events:

  • For the students, this event marks the end of a long and challenging first year in PT school.
  • At the end of this summer session and with the successful completion of all coursework, the student advances to candidacy for the DPT degree in the UND School of Graduate Studies. This is a critical step in the education of all students pursuing advanced degrees.
  • Finally, and MOST importantly, today marks the transition of these individuals from a student to a physical therapy professional in the healthcare community, and the responsibility that goes along with that transition.

As a part of the preparation for their ongoing coursework and clinical experiences, students discuss ethical behavior as outlined in the APTA Code of Ethics and the APTA Core Values. The class developed their own set of behaviors to define how their class wants to “live out” these Core Values as they relate to professionalism. The white coat that was awarded to students is a symbol of that professionalism.