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SMHS scholarship remains most popular among colleges on UND Scholarly Commons Repository

Did you know that publications by SMHS faculty, staff, and students are the most popular college-level collection on UND’s institutional repository? For the fourth year running the School’s collected research works have beat out any other college to be the “most popular” UND-affiliated papers with readers worldwide, reaching 936,334 total downloads by Dec. 19, 2023, near twice that of the next most-popular college by download-count, Arts and Sciences, which had 491,140 downloads in 2023.

The SMHS as a whole has an outsized impact within the repository, accounting for 27% of the entire university repository’s downloads since 2017 (SMHS = 936,278 out of UND’s total of 3,439,213 downloads), despite accounting for less than 10% of UND’s total student body.

Within the School of Medicine’s collections, the Departments of Occupational and Physical Therapy have been jockeying for “most-popular” collections and works for several years. Currently Occupational Therapy holds the most popular collection overall, with 477,210 downloads as of Dec. 12 2023, compared to Physical Therapy’s 400,851 downloads at that same date. At the individual item level, however, PT holds the most-popular project, with 19,587 downloads of former student Samir Maleki’s 2015 scholarly project “Low Back Pain: A Case Study.”

If these facts interest you, check out the full 2023 SMHS Scholarly Commons Biannual Report for more! Or go directly to the Scholarly Commons:

Finally, please do consider submitting your own works to the commons! Contact your librarian to learn how, or visit the guide to “Submit Your Work to UND’s Repository.”