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For Your Health

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SMHS Library Resources to participate in ‘Alive Library’ project in March

Everybody has a story. What’s yours?

In an effort to help generate dialogue and understanding between people of all backgrounds, the SMHS Library Resources team is inviting UND faculty, staff, and students to participate in the Alive Library project, scheduled to go live in March 2024.

Instead of a paper or audio book, books in the Alive Library are humans who interact with readers to have uncommon conversations that challenge stereotypes and prejudices through respectful dialogue. Each of us bring to the table a lived experience that others may not understand or have misconceptions about. By being a book, you are inviting readers to gain cognitive empathy while learning of health disparities, unrecognized implicit biases, and debunking stereotypes.

Human “books” should expect difficult questions and be prepared to appreciate and answer them.

Consider these questions as you think about sharing your story:

  • What relevant experiences with bias and/or prejudice would you like to share with “readers.”
  • For what reasons would you like to become a book?
  • What title would you select for yourself?

Curious? Contact Sandi L. Bates, SMHS Southwest Campus librarian, or visit the SMHS Library Resources blog today!