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Recent Publication by Alum Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell, SpSt M.Sc. 2012, was recently published in Space Policy along with UND SpSt professor David Whalen, who has just entered phased retirement. The publication was based on Howell’s M.Sc. thesis, for which Dr. Whalen was the advisor. Howell is currently in the Aerospace Sciences Ph.D. program.

Howell, E. and Whalen, D. (2015). Caution light: The Anik E2 solar disruption and its effect on Telesat Canada. Space Policy 32, 32-36. doi:10.1016/j.spacepol.2015.02.002

Abstract: Telesat Canada is a satellite communications firm, founded in 1969, that provides global broadcast and broadband services. Its fleet of satellites includes the geostationary Anik line. On January 20, 1994, a major solar storm knocked out communications on two Anik satellites. Anik E1 was recovered through a backup system within hours. However, Anik E2 was non-operational until June 1994, when engineers used an innovative ground fix to regain control.



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