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SpSt Research Group at NASA JSC

SpSt grad student Sophie Orr is currently completing thesis research at NASA Johnson Space Center using the Active Response Gravity Offload System (ARGOS). Traveling with her from UND are UND faculty members Dr. Pablo de León (SpSt) and Dr. Jesse Rhoades (Kinesiology & Public Health), SpSt alums Sean McCloat and Chris Buelke.

Also stopping by are local UND SpSt students Eryn Beisner and Carolyn Newton, and SPECIAL GUEST NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg (UND BSME ’94) 

During testing (L-R): Dr. Jesse Rhoades, Sophie Orr, Sean McCloat, (MS ’17) Chris Buelke (MS ’17), and Dr. Pablo de León


 Pictured in the bright green helmets (L-R, 1st row): Dr. Pablo de León, Erin Beisner, Sophie Orr, Sean McCloat (’17), Carolyn Newton, Karen Nyberg; (back row); Chris Buelke (’17) and Dr. Jesse Rhoades. [ARGOS managers are in the black helmets.]