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3rd Annual Space Studies Symposium May 8-9

Please join us for the third annual Space Studies Symposium (S3) event, held in Grand Forks, ND, brought to you by the Dakota Space Society.

The Space Studies Symposium was conceived as a way to bring the Space Studies community together and tap the exceptional network of alumni and current students to discuss research, develop collaborations and make connections throughout the multidisciplinary fields of space science. It is our goal not only to focus within, but to attract scientists and engineers from without, and in so doing establish UND Space Studies as an epicenter of space science and research.

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Scott Balcao says:

Hello UND staff members my name is Scott Balcao (UND class of 2017)

I have a question for you and hope you can help me. I wish to present my research at this year’s symposium. The focus of this research is lessons learned from polar and mountain expeditions and how they apply to deep space missions. Some of the explorers I will take about are the following:
Ernest Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hillary, Roald Amundsen, Fridtjof Nansen, Robert Peary, Richard Evelyn Byrd, Ranulph Fiennes, Ann Bancroft, Børge Ousland, James Clark Ross, Franklin expedition, and others.

Frederick Cook, who was the surgeon on Robert Peary’s Arctic expedition of 1891–1892 on the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897–1899 said that the land was so barren and isolated that we may as well have been on the surface of Mars.

My goal is to show what lessons can be learned from these experiences in terms of what they did right and wrong and how they can be applied to deep space missions.

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