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Grad Students Present at NASA KSC Lunch & Learn

Dr. Pablo de León and his grad students, Stefan Tomović and Jennifer Russell, gave a presentation at the NASA Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday, February 11th as part of their Lunch and Learn Series.

Planetary Analogs and Plants Research in North Dakota

The University of North Dakota developed a planetary analog to simulate human missions to the moon and Mars. As part of this project, a living inflatable module and four additional dedicated research modules were developed. Since 2018 it has been used for analog missions in support of a variety of NASA and external experiments. One of these modules, the Plants Production Module, was specifically developed to study ways to grow edible plants simulating some of the conditions to be encountered in planetary surfaces. Recent experiments using converted Mars regolith simulant, open the possibilities of using this medium as a suitable way to grow edible plants reducing Earth dependence in future planetary settlements.