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Professor Datzov recently presented at Texas A&M and UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

Professor Datzov recently presented some of his ongoing research at the Sixth Annual Texas A&M Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable and the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law 2022 Academic IP Roundtable.

Each of the events brings together intellectual property and technology law scholars to share and discuss research on emerging and important legal issues relating to IP and technology.  Professor Datzov presented one of his current work-in-progress articles and research projects, titled “Find Me If You Can” — An Overlooked Roadblock to IP Enforcement in Web3 Technologies.

As part of that work, Professor Datzov’s research examines the effectiveness of the current Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in providing meaningful access to remedies for IP rights holders whose rights are violated in the emerging world of Web3 technologies.  Professor Datzov argues that because the Rules were written decades ago with a brick-and-mortal world in mind, an update to the rules for service is necessary to keep pace with the growing presence of IP rights and IP infringers in the digital and virtual world. “As Web3 and similar virtual technologies continue to have a greater impact, and more people move within their scope, there will need to be greater reliance on what have been viewed as the exceptions to traditional means for service,” argues Datzov.  “Although some state rules for service permit for a broad range of service through various means including NFTs, online accounts, Twitter, and e-mail, the patchwork of state rules is an inefficient and ineffective way to ensure access to the courts for IP rights holders in the modern world.”

Sixth Annual Texas A&M Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable

2022 Annual Academic IP Roundtable