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Professor Margaret Moore Jackson Presents at Minnesota Judicial Branch 2022 Annual Conference of Judges

Professor Margaret Moore Jackson was an invited speaker at the Minneapolis meeting of Minnesota state court judges

Her presentation, “Federal Fair Housing Law in State Courts: Understanding Policy Goals and Local Impacts,” was featured during the December 8, 2022 session. In it, she traced the legal and policy underpinnings for the enactment of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and then addressed the value of enforcement to our communities and the important role played by state court judges.

This session addresses the contemporary application of fair housing law, and not only as familiarly applied to urban environments. After tracing the underpinnings of federal fair housing laws, including the dual purposes of eliminating housing discrimination and alleviating residential segregation, this session examines practices that run afoul of fair housing law but may be overlooked – such as zoning decisions and local ordinances.