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“What Attorney’s Should Know about Deepfakes” by Professor Blake A. Klinkner

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In his most recent article, “What Attorneys Should Know About Deepfakes,” Professor Blake A. Klinkner discusses how deepfakes are impacting the use of evidence at trial and threatening fair legal adjudications. Professor Klinkner also shares telltale signs that a video, picture, or audio may be a deepfake. As deepfake technology progresses, it will become difficult, […]

Professor Blake Klinkner published in the Wyoming Lawyer

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Can Room Scans Prior to Remote Examination Constitute a Violation of the Fourth Amendment? Blake A. Klinkner As videoconferencing has become ubiquitous, questions have arisen over the degree to which we should allow, or require, this technology to intrude into our personal spaces. During the COVID era’s rapid transition to online instruction and examination, debates […]