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Professor Blake A. Klinkner honored with 2024 Outstanding Advisor Award

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Congratulations to Professor Blake A. Klinkner on receiving the University of North Dakota‚Äôs 2024 Outstanding Advisor Award Professor Klinkner advises a number of law school organizations, including the Agricultural Law Association, Energy Law Association, Rural Practice Association, and Technology Law Students Association. UND President Andrew Armacost presented the award to Professor Klinkner at the annual […]

Professor Blake A. Klinkner interview on Fox News 26 in Houston, Texas

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Professor Blake A. Klinkner was recently interviewed on live TV by Fox News 26 in Houston, Texas to discuss artificial intelligence, deepfakes, and the Taylor Swift deepfakes. (Yes, that really is Professor Klinkner and not a deepfake named “David Blinkner”…Professor Klinkner is used to having his name misspelled). Watch the Interview

The Northern Plains Ethics Institute has invited Professor Blake A. Klinkner to deliver a seminar on “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Higher Education”

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Professor Klinkner will discuss the ways in which rapidly advancing artificial intelligence will impact the future of higher education and how artificial intelligence will change higher education as early as the college application and admissions process. Professor Klinkner will then address topics including the teaching of artificial intelligence in the higher education curriculum, the training […]

“Thinking About Scanning that QR Code? Think Twice Before You Do” by Professor Blake A. Klinkner

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Be wary of scanning QR codes which are placed outdoors and in other public settings. In his article, Professor Klinkner discusses the rise in QR codes being used by cyber thieves, hackers, and other criminals for illicit purposes. As QR codes become commonplace, individuals should be aware of the dangers posed by malicious QR codes. […]

Professor Blake A. Klinkner recently presented at the Central States Law Schools Association Annual Scholarship Conference

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Professor Blake A. Klinkner presented law review article at the University of Oklahoma School of Law In his presentation, “The 1st Amendment & Social Media’s Right to Censor – Addressing the Circuit Split,” Professor Klinkner discussed the constitutionality of state “anti-censorship” laws which restrict social media platform content moderation. Professor Klinkner also serves as Treasurer […]

Professor Blake A. Klinkner recently presented twice at the American Bar Association Western States Conference

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In his first presentation, “Social Media, Jury Trials, and the Right to a Fair Trial,” Professor Klinkner discussed the many ways in which jury access to social media threatens the right to a fair trial and, accordingly, the rule of law. lIn his second presentation, “So, You Want to Be a Law Professor? Advice for […]