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What is Full Coverage Car Insurance? Professor Paul Traynor shares expert opinion

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Full Coverage Car Insurance Guide WalletHub Ask the Experts To gain more insight about full coverage car insurance, WalletHub posed the following questions to a panel of experts. Click on the experts below to view their bios and answers. 1. When should drivers consider getting full coverage car insurance? 2. When should drivers consider dropping […]

Retired Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle honored in UND courtroom dedication

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The ceremony took place at the newly renovated courtroom, located in UND’s law school, on Monday afternoon, Oct. 23, and was attended by Gov. Doug Burgum and state Attorney General Drew Wrigley. Grand Forks Herald By Sav Kelly October 23, 2023 at 5:53 PM GRAND FORKS — North Dakota’s longest-serving State Supreme Court justice was […]

Professor Paul Traynor recently presented to the National Council of Insurance Legislatures in New Orleans

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Pandemic-Related Business Interruption Coverage: Past, Present, and Future was presented at a Legislature Luncheon of The Institutes Griffith Insurance Education Foundation on November 17 Professor Traynor provided a summary and update of issues surrounding pandemic-related business interruption coverage including where and how the challenges emerged, where we are now, and what the future may hold. […]

Legal Expert: Paul E. Traynor

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Drivers Are Open to Adopting Telematics for Savings, so Why Are so Few Opting In? Telematics can help cut costs and make roads safer, but are drivers ready to trust insurers with their data? Expert Insights   MoneyGeek consulted a legal expert to learn more about two of consumers’ most significant fears related to telematics […]

Ask the Experts: Professor Paul Traynor

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Driving Record Check To gain more insight about driving record check, we asked a panel of experts to share their thoughts on the following key questions: Why is it important for drivers to check their driving record? How often should drivers check their driving record? What is the best thing to do if drivers see […]

Featured Expert: Professor Paul Traynor: Drivers Are Open to Adopting Telematics for Savings, so Why Are so Few Opting In?

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Telematics can help cut costs and make roads safer, but are drivers ready to trust insurers with their data? moneygeek By  Lucia Caldera With inflation on the rise, car insurance telematics programs may seem like an easy way to secure cheap auto insurance and create safer roads. In a randomized study of 174 drivers over 28 weeks, […]

Paul Traynor, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, presented at the 2021 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference

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UND Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, Paul Traynor, participated in a panel discussion at the 2021 Eight Circuit  Judicial Conference on October 28 in Colorado Springs, CO. The discussion, titled Civil Matters, centered around insurance coverage for businesses as a result of COVID-19 closures and disruptions. 2021 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference 

Professor Paul Traynor cited in Bloomberg Law article

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Bloomberg Law Antibodies Won’t Exempt Workers From Jab Mandates, Observers Say A law professor faces long odds to convince a court that he doesn’t have to comply with his university’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate on account of his “natural immunity” from a prior infection, legal observers said. Court rulings that have upheld vaccine mandates, as well […]

UND law professor Paul Traynor ’88, on vaccine mandates: ‘You do not have the right to endanger other people by refusing to be vaccinated’

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UND Law Professor Paul Traynor said the U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear; “You don’t have the right to put the rest of the population in danger.” Written By: Matt Henson | 10:39 pm, Jul. 22, 2021 FARGO — Sanford Health is the first in the region to put a COVID-19 vaccine mandate into place. Employees have until […]

John T. “Jack” Traynor ’51 (1926-2021)

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John T. “Jack” Traynor November 19, 1926 – July 11, 2021 John Thomas “Jack” Traynor, 94, died calmly and quietly at home with his family the evening of July 11, 2021. He had visited with all five of his children over the weekend, and with several of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He lost Jane, his […]