North Dakota Procurement Technical Assistance Center

A resource for assisting North Dakota businesses in obtaining federal, state, and local government contracts.

Oct 2023: Gems of the North Dakota APEX Accelerator

How long has it been since you explored the North Dakota APEX Accelerator website? If it has been a while, it is time to make the trip. And because of our name change, our URL has been updated to reflect our new name, ND APEX Accelerator (ND APEX for short). To help you, we shared some of our favorite gems. So, let’s begin with our resource-packed website, plus a couple more.

Gem 1: Client Experience

Businesses share their experience with government contracting and the assistance they receive from the ND APEX Team. These narratives describe the struggles, challenges, and successes with local, state, and federal contracting. There is a gem in each story.

Gem 2:  Contractor Blog

Our quarterly blog provides information and resources on various topics to assist businesses in making decisions related to government contracting.

Gem 3: Monthly Newsletter

A relatively new offering is our monthly newsletter; it is a great way to stay connected to the happenings, information, training, and tips about government contracting.

Gem 4: ND APEX Team

This small and mighty team of three (3) has nearly 100 years of experience in business, government, strategy, marketing, and more. Dave, Cathy, and Nikki are very knowledgeable about this complex market sector.

Gem 5: Training and Events

A gem and a favorite, ND APEX offers a wide variety of in-person and online events. The events range from local and regional to national opportunities for learning and connecting.

Gem 6: LinkedIn and Facebook

If you are unaware of our social media platforms, find ND APEX on LinkedIn and Facebook. And most importantly, FOLLOW US. We post many, many special events, tips, resources, etc. Did you know that US Contract Officers are required to be on LinkedIn?

Gem 7: Resources

Our website offers over 50 resource links for research, marketing, solicitations, instructional videos, and registration, just to name a few.

Gem 8: Network

ND APEX is not a stand-alone resource; we can connect you to a multitude of other no and low-cost services for small businesses. Based on the stage of your company struggles or challenges you are experiencing, or if you don’t know where to turn, we can direct you to other resources. Organizations and programs such as SBDC, VBOC, SCORE, WBC, SBA, Project Spectrum, and Impact Dakota can help you and your company succeed.

If unsure where to start or how to get organized, connect with the North Dakota APEX Accelerator (formerly Procurement Technical Assistance Center). Our services are offered at no cost to businesses based in North Dakota. Register to schedule an appointment. Additionally, take advantage of the training and events listed on the ND APEX website.

Not from North Dakota? Find your closest APEX on the APTAC website, then click on your state.