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May 2022: Interview with Graham Pritchett, 319th Contracting Squadron

Categories: Solicitations

I had the opportunity to chat with Graham Pritchett, the Director of Business Operations and Small Business Professional with the 319th Contracting Squadron out of Grand Forks AFB. In 2008, his squadron was awarded the Air Force‚Äôs Special Achievement Award for their small business practices. Graham was named P-T Small Business Professional of the Year […]

April 2022: Bidding Basics for RFPs

Categories: Solicitations

A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that asks for bids on a given project to which qualified businesses will enter competing offers. The requesting firm then selects which organization it sees most fit and capable to undertake the task in question. RFPs appear to demand a complicated and daunting bidding process, but with […]

May 2021: Solicitation Basics

Categories: Solicitations

Reading through a federal solicitation, also known as an opportunity, can be overwhelming, challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating. By understanding a solicitation, you can reduce these feelings, assist with a go- or no-go decision to bid, and improve your bid proposal. Federal solicitations are organized by sections, which we will cover individually below. The section letter […]