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March 2021

Technopalooza: Save the Date!

If you’ve ever wondered what technological programs and services UND offers, now is your chance to find out! UIT, in collaboration with the College of Engineer and Mines, the Chester Fritz Library, Teaching Transformation and Development Academy, and High Performance Computing, are hosting a virtual technology fair, Technopalooza, to be held on Wednesday & Thursday, March 24-25. During these two days, you will learn about various programs offered and how you can begin utilizing the technology on campus. Zoom links will be provided on the UIT website when it gets closer to the event date.

Check out the schedule and topic descriptions on the Technopalooza webpage

Secure Your Personal Information

Over the past several weeks UIT has started the process of deploying a new software to UND-owned computers to help users properly dispose of important, private data such as Social Security and credit card numbers. Sensitive Data Manager, Spirion, is a data loss prevention software that helps users locate sensitive data that may not be easy to find.  Our goal is to reduce the risk of data compromises by reducing the amount of confidential information stored on computers. UIT will not run scans, unless requested. Individual users will run scans on their own devices. Once a scan is run and if sensitive information is found, users will be prompted to secure or dispose of sensitive data on their systems.

If you have questions, please contact the IT security team at:

Neil McComsey:

Walters Ndi:

Additional Technology Options


Over the last several months, UIT has been testing various pieces of equipment distributed by Lenovo to offer the Universityanother option when it comes to technology. More information will be coming in the next few months.

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