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February 2022- New Initiatives

Student Portal App


Last week we saw the kickoff of our UND Student Portal project which is to implement an engaging UND mobile app, or portal, that will serve as a virtual one-stop for students to connect with real-time campus resources, events, and information on their mobile device.

The UND portal will integrate with Blackboard and Campus Connection and students will use multi-factor authentication to securely see grades, add and drop classes, view course offerings, and more. Students will have easy access to Library resources, interactive campus maps, bus schedules, UND events, dining information, and so much more through this single portal.

The portal will be ready to launch for enrolled students in time for Welcome Weekend this August. Then, we will begin to focus on enhancing enrolled students’ functionality and bringing in additional functionality for various personas including, eventually, faculty and staff.

Check here to learn more about UIT’s initiatives that are currently taking place

Introducing: The Phish Tank

UIT’s Cybersecurity Team is introducing The Phish Tank! This webpage was created to be a place where students, staff, and faculty can find all the current phishing scams to be aware of and avoid. The webpage provides users with a screen capture of the phishing email, a brief description of what to look out for, and why this email is a scam. The Phish Tank also provides you with additional information on what phishing is and recourses on how to avoid getting scammed. This page will be regularly updated with the phishing scam attempts on campus. Remember to #BeCyberSmart and “Don’t Take The Bait!”

Check out the current phishing attempts on campus at The Phish Tank.



Travel Tips

Did you know that you are most vulnerable to cyber attacks when you are traveling? Leaving your data or device behind, if not needed, is the best protection. If you need a computer, UND has device checkout options, VPN software, and traveling precautions to take during your trip.





Here are a few quick tips to remember while traveling:

1. NEVER enter any credentials into public computers
2. Connect to legitimate Wi-Fi networks
3. Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed
4. Use UND VPN software
5. Use non-privileged or non-admin account
6. Practice safe web browsing

Click here to read more about how to stay safe while traveling.



Remember, safeguarding UND is everyone’s responsibility! 





IT Asset Management

University IT is leading the implementation of a new IT asset management tool that will keep a real-time inventory of all UND’s IT assets regardless of where they are in the world. Managing UND’s IT assets in one system allow for more robust, granular reporting and minimizes data entry by eliminating the need for multiple databases across campus. In addition to providing instant reports for UND departments showing the state of their IT assets, the software will integrate with UIT’s help-desk ticketing system to provide enhanced customer service to users across the University.


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