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Cassie Gerhardt wins AVP/Senior-Level Student Affairs Professional Award

Cassie Gerhardt

When you hear a certain name at UND, you immediately think “school spirit,” “cares about students,” “actively present at all campus events and programs,” “highly invested in student success” and “No. 1 cheerleader for students and staff,” as a colleague wrote.

Then there’s the way this person leaves a lasting first impression on UND students: During the summer, she “presents the welcome sessions at our UND Orientation Days program,” the writer continued. “Every day, numerous students and parents thank her for her energy and passion, and they rave about how amazing she is their entire Orientation Day.”

“Once students get back to campus, they remember her as ‘the Pink and Green Lady’ exuding school spirit and care for students.”

One more clue: When the Fighting Hawks nickname was announced years ago, our mystery guest was the first to sport a custom license plate: UNDHWKS.

“I had plates picked out for each of the finalist names,” she said at the time, with a laugh. “The Fighting Hawks name was announced at 10:05, and I had the form in the mail by 10:25.”

Give up?

Probably not, because if you’re a UND student, faculty or staff member or alum, you already know the person described above could only be Cassie Gerhardt.

And now, UND’s associate vice president for student affairs has been recognized by the national association in her field. Gerhardt has been awarded the AVP/Senior-Level Student Affairs Professional Award by Region IV-West of NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

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