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Phil Goldblum named Deputy CIO at UND

Phil Goldblum

Phil Goldblum has been named deputy chief information officer at UND.

Goldblum was selected for the role by UND CIO Madhavi Marasinghe. His start date is Dec. 11, 2023.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of our new Deputy CIO, Phil Goldblum, whose wealth of experience and innovative thinking will undoubtedly strengthen our University’s information technology landscape,” Marasinghe said. “Together, we look forward to achieving operational excellence, advancing digital initiatives, and fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment for the entire University community.”

Goldblum expressed his enthusiasm for joining the UND community, saying, “From my first interaction, to the series of meetings and presentations that make up the UND selection process, I have been impressed by the people and energized by the interactions at each step along the way.”

“I am truly excited to join the UIT team and am looking forward to learning more about the full suite of UIT services and the highly capable teams supporting them,” he continued. “I hope to contribute my knowledge and experience in building on the many successes the UIT team achieved in the One IT Strategic Plan and contributing to the ongoing development and execution of the UND LEADS strategy, as it applies to UIT. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person soon and taking those first steps along the path that will take UIT to the next level.”

As deputy CIO, Goldblum will support the daily operations of UIT and will contribute to the strategic direction, planning and management of UND Information Technology initiatives. He will work closely with the CIO to develop and implement strategies that align with UND’s goals and objectives while fostering innovation and promoting a culture of technological excellence.