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Retirement reception for Steven Rand is April 23

Join the English Department as it celebrates Steven Rand, teaching professor, on his retirement from UND. A celebration will be held at Archives Coffee House on Tuesday, April 23, at 3:30 p.m.

Refreshments will be served, and there are rumors of entertainment!

Rand arrived at UND with a B.A. in English from SUNY-Binghamton with thoughts of attending UND Law School. Instead, he graduated with a UND M.A. in English in 1985. He went on to teach in the English Department for 37 years. Additionally, he has worked with TRIO programs, the Writing Center, Student Success Center, Continuing Education, INMED, and as a freelance editor for faculty and graduate students in Geology, Neuroscience, Aerospace Studies, Nursing, Electrical Engineering, and Theatre Arts.

When asked what he will miss about teaching, Rand replied, “The best part of teaching is interacting with students, which is what most teachers say. Viscerally recognizing their understanding and getting to know them a bit greatly aids both of us in our lines of communication.”

Rand has also been a professional musician for 46 years, which has allowed students to see him in a different context, adding another avenue of connection.

“After retiring, I plan to spend more time with music—learning, practicing, rehearsing, performing; to visit my grandkids in Minneapolis more often; to have more time for free-lance editing and writing; to read for pleasure regularly; to continue to stay healthy; to enjoy life,” Rand said.