JE Quick Tip #6- I keyed a journal into finance or submitted a journal import. How do I know if the journal is moving through the system toward posting?

JE Quick Tip #6: A journal entry can be found in PeopleSoft finance to determine the status of the entry.

Once the journal has been entered and saved, the journal will automatically move during pre-defined times (approximately every two hours) to a journal edit check and journal budget check.  Once the journal passes the edit and budget checks, it will move to the approval string.

  • Navigate to the general ledger, GL Workcenter and select the “Create/Update Journal Entries” link.
  • Select “Find an Existing Value” tab.
    • The search criteria should include only business unit=UND01 and the journal ID you are searching for. Click Search.
  • Select the lines tab
    • Journal status = P (journal has posted)
    • Journal status = E (there is a journal error that the department must correct)
    • Budget status = V (the journal has passed budget check)
    • Budget status = E (there is a budget error that the department must correct-see budget error quick facts)
  • Select the approval tab
    • Approval strings are determined by the journal class keyed during journal entry.
      • A green check mark with a time stamp indicates that the journal has been approved at that stop.

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