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Severson & Lodoen Investiture Ceremony

The celebration honored two College of Engineering & Mines alumni, Terry Severson and Michael (& Sitney) Lodoen, whose contributions will support UND’s legacy of premier education. Photo courtesy of Milo Smith/UND Alumni Association & Foundation.

UND honors impactful giving from alumni

An investiture ceremony was held on Thursday, January 19, celebrating Terry Severson and Michael & Sitney Lodoen. “It was an honor to highlight the incredible impact both have had on the University, faculty, and, ultimately, our students,” said Brian Tande, dean of the College of Engineering & Mines. “We look forward to seeing how their support continues to advance the educational experience offered at UND.”

Three CEM faculty receive medals in front of audience at ceremony
With the generous support from Terry Severson and Michael & Sitney Lodoen, the College of Engineering & Mines will continue to provide students with excellent faculty. From left to right: Daba Gedafa, Chair and Michael & Sitney Lodoen Endowed Professor of Civil Engineering; Surojit Gupta, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Ryan Adams, Department Chair, Director, SEECS. Photo courtesy of Milo Smith/UND Alumni Association & Foundation.

The event honored Terry Severson and Mike & Sitney Lodoen’s establishment of the following endowed positions:

Michael and Sitney Lodoen Endowed Professorship in Civil Engineering (CEM)

Established 2021 by Michael & Sitney Lodoen  //  Held by Daba Gedafa

Harold L. and Io A. Severson Faculty Fellowship in Entrepreneurship (NCoBPA)

Established in 2013 by Terry & Diane Severson  //  Held by Surojit Gupta

Terry and Diane Severson Endowed Professorship of National Security (CEM)

Established 2021 by Terry Severson  //  Held by Ryan Adams