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Archival photo of Harry Nyquist

From UND graduate to famous inventor and thought pioneer

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Archival photo of Harry Nyquist

The Harry Nyquist Memorial is a tribute to a UND electrical engineering graduate who went on to define critical understandings of communication systems. Known for being an incredible student, he had an amazingly productive career post-graduation. Throughout his career, he was a respected inventor and scientist who significantly impacted the modern communication systems we take for granted today.

UND CyberHawks Soar in the National Cybersecurity Showdown

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The University of North Dakota’s team, known as the UND CyberHawks, proudly participated in the CyberForce® Program, a national cybersecurity competition hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and supported by Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Comprising four graduate students, namely Akshay Ram Ramchandar, Shree Ram Abayankar Balaji, Barathwaja […]

Upcoming CARS 2023 Symposium presents exciting new opportunities

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UND is the home of the Cyber Awareness & Research Symposium (CARS), held annually by the Center for Cyber Security Research (C2SR). As a research-based event within the College of Engineering & Mines, the symposium offers a professional platform for networking among industry professionals from various sectors. The conference provides the opportunity to explore the latest developments in artificial intelligence and how it caters to addressing real-world problems.