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UND Civil Engineering participates in 103rd TRB Annual Meeting

Showcasing UND’s transportation engineering expertise, the Department of Civil Engineering participates in national meeting

The department’s annual participation in the Transportation Research Board meetings demonstrates the College of Engineering & Mines’ commitment to exposing students to real-world discussions and problems that face the industry. Photo courtesy of Daba Gedafa.

Representing the University of North Dakota, the Department of Civil Engineering recently participated in the 103rd Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting

The event, recognized as the world’s largest transportation engineering conference, drew more than 13,000 attendees. Led by Daba Gedafa, the department chair, and Nabil Suleiman, an associate professor from the department, the team showcased their expertise by presenting papers and actively engaging in committee meetings, workshops, and presentations.

Notable Presentations:

Evaluating the Fatigue Cracking Resistance of North Dakota’s Asphalt Mixtures

    • Presented by Duncan Oteki, with contributions from Andebut Yeneneh, Daba Gedafa, and Nabil Suleiman.

Developing Balanced Mix Design Gyrations for North Dakota’s Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements

    • Presented by Nabil Suleiman, with contributions from Anjo Mate, Daba Gedafa, and Bruce Dockter.

An Alternative Contamination Index for Non-Contact Evaluation of Railroad Ballast

During the meeting, Daba Gedafa presided over a lectern session (Session 2078), which focused on evaluating the impact of asphalt mixture modifications for pavement design. Additionally, Gedafa lent his expertise as a judge for ten posters during a poster session (Poster Session 2047), which centered on pavement structural testing and evaluation, encompassing Falling Weight Deflectometer, Traffic Speed Deflection Device, and Accelerated Pavement Testing.

TRB aims to advance transportation improvements and innovation as part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The organization achieves this through the exchange of trusted, timely, impartial, and evidence-based information, research, and advice spanning all modes of transportation. Their overarching goal is to contribute to resilient infrastructure, explore transformative technology, and prioritize public health and safety.

The Department of Civil Engineering’s participation in TRB reflects UND’s commitment to contributing valuable insights to the transportation engineering landscape. The engagement of undergraduate students — facilitated by the generous endowment from a UND alumnus — highlights the university’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

For further details on the lastest TRB Annual Meeting, please visit TRB Annual Meeting Homepage.


Written by Paige Prekker  //  UND College of Engineering & Mines