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State Purchasing Policy


In our personal lives, we make purchasing decisions – some big, some small. What we purchase is important to our families’ financial well-being and quality of life. When making personal purchases, we can buy anything that isn’t illegal. We can have a favorite pop or favorite make of vehicle. We may choose, or even prefer, to buy from businesses owned by friends and family. We don’t have to price-shop, but we often do to ensure we are getting a good deal and the right product for our needs.

Purchasing for state government is very different, for very good reasons. We are spending public funds and we must be good stewards of the taxpayers’ dollar.

  • Procurement is simply a process to gather information necessary to make good purchasing decisions.
  • Procurement is regulated by state laws, rules and procedures.
  • Procurement ensures a fair and competitive process with opportunity for all eligible vendors to compete for public contracts.
  • Procurement provides full transparency in purchasing decisions.

Throughout 2020, the Office of Management and Budget will be sharing more information about procurement, including its purpose and benefit to your state agency. Our goal is to help state officials and employees become familiar with state procurement requirements, not only to ensure compliance, but also to use procurement techniques to their full potential.

Read North Dakota Century Code Section 54-44.4-01 for Declaration of policy – Definitions.      This post was provided by the ND Office of Management & Budget.