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Important Information Regarding Departmental Deposits, UND Payments to Vendors & Accounts Receivable

The following are process reminders, as well as some process changes due to UND’s remote working environment.


 Payment to Vendors

Invoices are processed electronically through Perceptive Content or Jaggaer, and paid through PeopleSoft.

Department responsibility during remote work location:

  • Departments need to electronically send invoices to Payment & Procurement Services (P&PS) using the email address. This email is monitored by Payment Services who determines if the invoice is submitted to Perceptive Content or Jaggaer.
  • If a paper invoice is mailed by a vendor to P&PS, they will scan the invoice to start the electronic approval process via Perceptive Content or Jaggaer. P&PS will be checking the mail for these invoices.
  • Suppliers are paid via check, ACH, SUA, or Wire.  This will continue, P&PS will be entering Twamley to print and mail checks if an electronic payment is not set up for the vendor. At this time, we will not be asking the vendor to change their payment.
  • UND processes payments on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, as well as all payroll days. All ACH advices will continue to be emailed automatically.

Remote work location change:

  • P&PS will discontinue the process of holding checks for pickup in person and will mail all payments directly to the vendor


Student and other accounts receivable (A/R) payments to UND

Payments are made via Touchnet online, in-person, checks mailed, or by Flywire for international payments. No cash is received at One Stop.

Remote work location change: No payments will be made in-person. Students can pay via ACH payments or online credit card payments.  Students will not incur fees for ACH payments, but fees are incurred when a credit card is used to pay online.  This is true for all payments throughout the year.


Grants & Contracts payments to UND

Payments are received via check or ACH. We currently receive 74% of payments via ACH. Paper checks are sent electronically by Treasury to the Bank of North Dakota (BND), no deliveries are made to the bank.

Remote work location change:  Mail  will be delivered to Twamley so Treasury can deposit paper checks. The Grants & Contracts Office will reach out to all agencies (federal, state, external) encouraging the completion of ACH forms. Paper checks they receive will be deposited through the regular process.


Departmental deposits to UND

Credit Cards are processed via a credit card terminal so the deposit is electronically sent to the BND. Treasury receipts the amounts into the UND general ledger which is being done remotely.


ACH are automatically deposited at account at the BND. Treasury receipts the transactions into the UND general ledger, which is currently being done remotely.


Remote work location change:

Cash and Checks should be dropped at Central Receiving.  Please use the Duplicating Entrance to drop off deposits.  Mailing Services will then deliver the deposits to a secure drop box on a daily basis.  Departments dropping deposits at UND Mailing and Duplicating Services will be required to log the deposit. Treasury will process these deposits on a weekly basis, or more frequent if the volume increases.  Once the deposit is processed, the checks are deposited remotely to the BND by Treasury so no delivery needs to be made to the Bank. Cash is delivered to a local bank by UPD.

If cash or check payments can be transitioned to a UND Marketplace site, please contact or

Sharon Loiland, Controller