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Fund & Project Deficits

As departments are finalizing all year-end transactions for fiscal year 2022, please review any fund deficits or construction projects deficits (28xxx funds, UNDCO…) and make the necessary entries to resolve the deficits. A report is accessible on the UND Finance Reports webpage to facilitate monitoring. The report will download as an Excel spreadsheet so you can filter, sort, etc.

  • Deficit Fund Balance by Dept – Includes unit, dept, fund and deficit amount
  • Deficit Project Balances by Proj – Includes proj, fund, and deficit amount

Reports are refreshed daily and include activity through the end of business day from two days prior. Example, the report on Monday morning is current through the end of the day on Saturday.

Link to UND Finance Reports page:

Access to this website will require a user to login using their NDUS credentials (credentials used to log into PeopleSoft).

Please contact with any questions about the two deficits reports.

Laura P. K. Johnson (Knox), CPA

Associate Controller