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Alumni Flow-Through Funds – FY2024 Process Change with Training Dates


As of 7/1/2023, expenses that are dated in FY2024 that use an alumni flow-through fund (funds that start with a “26”) will be required to be used in conjunction with a project ID. See the “What is Changing” section below for an explanation of what the new Project IDs will be. If the department forgets to include a project ID, the transaction will produce an error that will need to be resolved by adding a project ID. These project IDs will NOT be budgeted. PeopleSoft will only check to see that a valid UND project ID has been included in the transaction coding, but will perform no additional validation checks.


Training sessions will be held in June to train campus users on the changes to the alumni flow-through fund process. We highly encourage all departments finance users that are involved in the alumni-flow through fund process to attend. Training materials will also be published on the UND Finance Training website closer to the 7/1/2023 go-live date.

The training sessions will cover the following:

  • How to code alumni flow-through fund (26XXX) expenses in Travel & Expense
  • How to code alumni flow-through fund (26XXX) expenses in UND Marketplace (Jaggaer)
  • How to code alumni flow-through fund (26XXX) expenses in PaymentNet (PCard)
  • How to code alumni flow-through fund (26XXX) expenses in Journal Vouchers
  • How to code alumni flow-through fund (26XXX) expenses in Journal Entries/Journal Imports
  • How to code alumni flow-through fund (26XXX) expenses in PeopleSoft HCM (Payroll)

Training Dates and links (only attend one):

Tuesday, June 13th from 1 – 1:30 pm:

Wednesday, June 14th from 10 – 10:30 am:

Thursday, June 15th from 1 – 1:30 pm:


Making this change to the alumni flow-through fund process will create consistency between all the various financial systems that are used at UND. In every type of transaction, the UND Foundation fund number will always be entered in the project ID field. In our current system, the field where this information in input is different across each PeopleSoft module and system. It will also allow UND departments to filter data using the project ID to see how much expense has been coded to each project ID. This wasn’t something that could completed efficiently using UND’s financial records before.


The project IDs will be created by the UND Controller’s office by collaborating with the UND Foundation. Departments will not need to submit requests for new project IDs. The project ID will be formatted as UNDF0XXXXX. The XXXXX on the end of the project ID will be the five-digit fund number at the UND Foundation that the department wants to use to reimburse the expense incurred in the 26XXX fund. Every UND Foundation fund that is used in connection with the 26XXX funds will be set up by the Controller’s Office. This will continue on a going-forward basis, as new Alumni Foundation funds are created, the Controller’s Office will be notified and will create the new UNDF0XXXXX project ID.

As part of the new 26XXX fund process, combo codes for payroll will need to be created that include the new UNDF0XXXXX project IDs. If a 26XXX fund was used in FY2023, the Controller’s office has created a combo code for it for FY2024 that includes the UNDF0XXXXX project ID. We based the project ID off of the UND Foundation fund that the payroll was reimbursed from in FY2023. If an additional combo code is needed for FY2024, the department should follow the standard combo code request process to request the new combo code.


If you have any immediate questions in advance of the scheduled training sessions please contact Jodi Morgan or Laura Johnson.