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Fiscal Year End – Purchase Order cleanup


Effective at the end of business on Friday, June 23rd, all orders will be held in UND Marketplace (Jaggaer) until July 3rd (the first business day of the new fiscal year) to limit the number of purchase orders that need to be rolled.

Purchase Orders (POs) placed in FY23 will be “rolled over” (encumbrance moved from FY23 to FY24) if they are NOT fully receipted with a June 30, 2023 date (or earlier) AND have not completed all invoicing steps by end of day on July 10, 2023. See the FYE Memo for further information.

Which POs should I review?

An open PO report is saved in UND Marketplace (Jaggaer) which contains an updated list of POs meeting the criteria to be rolled. The report can be easily filtered and exported as needed.
To view the report, go to the UND Marketplace home screen, select the “Reports” tile, then select “Total Purchase Orders:…”.
Departments have the option to manually close POs by until 7/12, after which a PO list will be sent to CTS to roll. Once rolled, any budget errors will be communicated back to the department to address. Departments are advised to review the POs and close POs manually only under these two circumstances:

  • The goods/services have been received and all invoicing is complete (in this circumstance the PO would remain open if there is an open balance, e.g. due to price variation).
  • The PO has been cancelled, or partially fulfilled and the remainder of the order is cancelled and all invoicing is complete.

Who can close POs and How?

  • Requestors, Approvers, and PO owners can close a PO using the “Close PO” option under the ‘three dots’ menu in the top right hand corner of any PO.
    • Note: suppliers do not receive notification when POs are closed in UND Marketplace; you must notify the supplier if you are cancelling orders for which goods/services were not received

PO Close action is found in the 'three dots' menu on the purchase order.

Please contact UND Procurement & Payment Services at with any questions.