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SMHS Student Affairs & Admissions News

Getting to know you…

Hello and welcome, MSI students! We are all very excited to get to know you and your classmates. The following are the Student Affairs & Admissions staff who are working every day to make your life easier:

Hello! My name is Cindy Stromme, and I am an administrative assistant in the office. I currently work with excused absences, student groups, room reservations, student elections, the lottery, and much more. I work with Dr. Dorscher on requests for letters in good standing, jury duty, letters of recommendation, and so on. I help Dr. Dorscher compile all of the information for the MSPEs (medical student performance evaluations, commonly known as the dean’s letter). I also have access to Dr. Dorscher’s calendar, so feel free to contact me regarding scheduling appointments with her.



Welcome! My name is Jenny Duffy, and I’m associate director for medical student financial aid. I can help with loans, scholarships, financial aid appeals, budgeting, and more. While my primary role is financial aid, please don’t ever hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We’re all here to help you during your journey through medical school!




Hi! I am Jane Thorvilson, financial aid assistant. I am typically your first contact for financial aid. I can help with loans, scholarships, and most questions you might have. If I can’t answer your question, I can find someone that can. Any financial aid forms or paperwork can be turned into me. I am also the person to contact to schedule appointments for Jenny Duffy.




Welcome! My name is Bethany Reck, administrative secretary for Student Affairs & Admissions. I will be the one that handles all your paperwork. I can help with your immunizations and background checks as well. Please feel free to ask me anything, and together we will find out the answer. Congratulations!




Hello! My name is Summer Eggen and I am the Student Services/Records and Enrollment Coordinator. I am new to the office, and I look forward to working with all of our medical students! I facilitate and process medical student registration, grading, records, and enrollment functions. I will also process degree verifications, visiting student applications, transfer requests, and external requests.




And I’m Joy Dorscher, MD, the associate dean for Student Affairs & Admissions. It is my job to help you navigate your way through the process that you are currently enrolled in, which is medical school. Know that even though it is difficult, I and the Student Affairs staff are here to help. So please stop by and see us, even if it is just to chat or to get a question answered (or maybe a tidbit of chocolate). Sometimes we can’t answer every question, but we usually know where to send you to get the answers you seek.