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Remembering Judy DeMers

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As you might have heard, the namesake of the SMHS Office of Student Affairs & Admissions, Judy DeMers, passed away recently. Judy retired from the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences in 2010 after spending 27 years as the associate dean for student affairs and admissions at the School. In addition, she devoted years […]

Odds & ends: Medical student health insurance, SMHS notary public, Second Look Day

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Health Insurance Are you turning 26? Medical students are required to maintain health insurance coverage throughout medical school. However, if your current health coverage is through your parents (or anyone else who claims you as a dependent), that coverage ends on the day you turn 26, per the Affordable Care Act. If you need to […]

Reminders: Immunizations, Jury Duty

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Immunizations Please remember the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions no longer houses your immunization records. Do not email or fax any personal records to All of your records are stored at Myrecordtracker. It is your responsibility to keep your immunization information updated. Myrecordtracker will send you email reminders 30 days before the due date for […]

FREE coffee and popcorn in SAA suite

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Yes, FREE. The Office of Student Affairs and Admissions (W101) keeps the coffee on for you all day long, to ensure you always have the caffeine boost you need to excel in your studies! We also provide creamer and sugar, in addition to stirrers and cups with lids. Want to help reduce the carbon footprint? […]

Interesting tidbit: Toupee caterpillars

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The toupee or puss caterpillar, as it’s known in its larvae form, (it’s the southern flannel moth in its adult form), is regarded as one of the most venomous caterpillars in the U.S. The caterpillar’s sting produces an immediate intense burning pain followed by the appearance of a red grid-like pattern on the skin. Sometimes swollen or enlarged […]

Mental Health Awareness Month by Michelle Montgomery

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Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in the United States since 1949! Mental health professionals’ aim is to emphasize the ways that our surroundings — like safe and stable housing, healthy home lives, neighborhoods and cities, and nature — affect our mental health. For Mental Health Month this year, Mental Health America is encouraging […]

November wellness tips from Michelle Montgomery

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Check out these fall wellness tips from SMHS Wellness Coordinator, Michelle Montgomery! Stay hydrated: Adequate hydration is important for your immune function, skin radiance, mood and energy levels. Take Vitamin D3: As we begin to spend more time indoors and the days become shorter, it’s important to maintain Vitamin D levels to keep bones strong […]

Mental Health Resources

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If you are struggling for any reason, please reach out for assistance. We are here to help you! Please also keep in mind these resources that are available to you: University Counseling Center 701-777-2127 UND Care Team 701-777-2664 (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F) 701-777-3491 (evenings and weekends) University Police 701-777-3491 (24h) UND Confidential Advocate […]

August is National Wellness Month

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August is National Wellness Month, and it’s a perfect time to focus on taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Especially during these stressful times, it’s important to make self-care, healthy eating, and stress management a priority in order to feel better than ever! Wellness Month encourages interested participants to take the “I Choose […]

April is #StressAwarenessMonth!

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Stress Awareness Month has been recognized every April since 1992. Learning to cope with our stress and finding healthy ways to deal with these situations can go a long way in living a healthy and positive life. Remember to Practice the Big Three Stress Reducers! 1. DIET: Eat a diet full of fresh foods that […]