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MS1: Accommodations, RuralMed, and

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Accommodations in the Medical Curriculum Accommodations for medical reasons in all phases of the medical curriculum, including exemptions from seeing COVID-19 patients, are handled through the Disability Services for Students (DSS) office. Students can initiate an accommodation request by visiting the DSS website to review application information and access the link to the application. If […]

MS1 in Phase 1

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Please remember the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions no longer houses your immunization records. Do not email or fax any personal records to All of your records are stored at Myrecordtracker. It is your responsibility to keep your immunization information updated. Myrecordtracker will send you email reminders 30 days before the due date (15 days […]

MSI: Immunization Records, financial aid disbursement

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Please remember that the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions does not house your immunization records any longer. Do not email any personal records to The “Myrecordtracker” platform is where all your records are stored, and it is your responsibility to keep this information updated. This system will email you reminders 30 days before records are due […]

MS1: Welcome to MD Class of 2024 from Dr. Porter

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the 2024 Medical Student Class to our School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Although I cannot welcome you in person, I am very excited for all of you. I’m excited because my daughter Jill was also at this exact first step in her training when she […]

Student Wellness

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Now is the time that we all need to focus on resilience. Being resilient is about recognizing that emotions and behaviors affect how we deal with stress. Resilience starts with being self-aware. Self-awareness gives us the ability to be intentional in our responses and find healthy ways to adapt to distressing events in our lives. […]

MS1: Immunizations, absences

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Immunizations: Immunizations must be completed ASAP. Please follow the guidelines on the AAMC Immunization Form. UND SMHS does require a positive titer for varicella. The only exception to this requirement is if you’ve had the disease, in which case proof is needed to document illness. We also require a positive hepatitis B titer. Both titers need […]

MSI: “Achieve” meetings

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If you haven’t met with Dr. Dorscher regarding your “Achieve” meeting, contact Cindy Stromme to schedule one. You can meet individually or in small groups. Also, note that Essentia Health prohibits shadowing of physicians at their locations. However, students may take rotations at Essentia during their clinical years.

MSI: University perks and services

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Remember: as a medical student at UND you can take advantage of an array of services and student perks provided by the University. UND Health & Wellness has much to offer! Emotional Wellness: The University Counseling Center (UCC) offers a range of counseling services, a free and confidential mental self-assessment, and outreach services. Medical Services: […]