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MS2: Step 1 registration, RuralMed, accommodations

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Step 1 Registration What Do I Need to Do USMLE Checklist.pdf On Oct. 26, 2022, SAA sent an email with the subject line: Step 1 Registration. Attached to that email is a sample USMLE Application as well as the checklist linked above. These documents should walk you through the STEP 1 registration process step-by-step. Once […]

MS2 in Phase 2

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Please remember the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions no longer houses your immunization records. Do not email or fax any personal records to All of your records are stored at Myrecordtracker. It is your responsibility to keep your immunization information updated. Myrecordtracker will send you email reminders 30 days before the due date (15 days […]

MSII: Immunization records, Certiphi, financial aid disbursement

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Please remember that the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions does not house your immunization records any longer. Do not email any personal records to The “Myrecordtracker” platform is where all your records are stored, and it is your responsibility to keep this information updated. This system will email you reminders 30 days before records are due […]

MS2: Excused Absences

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If you are ever in a position that you will be unable to attend a mandatory curricular session, there is a form you must fill out prior to the absence being marked “excused.” Requests for any excused absences for mandatory sessions can be made by filling out the request form located on the SAA website […]

MS2: ERAS tokens

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ERAS tokens will be issued in June 2021 to each of you for the 2023 Match. The email with the token information will be sent to your UND email address. Once you register your token in MyERAS, you will have the ability to request letters of recommendation (LoR) through the LoRP portal. LoR writers will […]

MS2: Information from Dr. Porter

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From Dr. Porter: I would like to welcome the Class of 2023 back from your summer break. I hope you took some time for yourselves, as your medical education will start ramping up from here until graduation. Along those lines, I’m sure you were happy to complete the lottery at the end of Block VIII […]

Student Wellness

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Now is the time that we all need to focus on resilience. Being resilient is about recognizing that emotions and behaviors affect how we deal with stress. Resilience starts with being self-aware. Self-awareness gives us the ability to be intentional in our responses and find healthy ways to adapt to distressing events in our lives. […]

MS2: Immunizations, support

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Immunizations: Immunizations must be completed ASAP. You will not be allowed on your third-year campuses without having the documentation. Documentation can be sent to Bethany Reck. We’re here! As you disperse across the state to begin your next year of medical school, please know the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions is still here to support […]

MSII: Preparing for clinical years

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Three informal lunch meetings for second-year students to discuss your clinical years as a medical student will be held Jan. 29, Feb. 11, and Feb. 19. Dr. Joycelyn Dorscher, Dr. Susan Zelewski (assistant dean for the Grand Forks campus), Dr. Pat Carr, Jennifer Duffy, and Michelle Montgomery will be available to discuss what to expect […]