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Know Your Acronyms

MSPE: The Medical Student Academic Performance Evaluation, commonly referred to as “the dean’s letter,” is a letter of evaluation. Although the Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Admissions collects most of the data and signs the letter, the only section our Office develops is the “Noteworthy Characteristics” portion of the letter. This section is a collaborative effort between the student and their third-year campus dean (who also signs the letter). The remainder of the letter is simply reporting on the student’s progress (for example if they have taken a leave of absence or failed a course) and putting together the evaluations from facilitators and preceptors. Students can review contents of the letter several times before it is finalized.

Student Group Info
Student groups: if you are meeting on campus you must register your officers and advisor with Summer Eggen in the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions. Additionally, please include a list of members and, if possible, a tentative schedule for the block.