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Odds & Ends: Remote access and staying social

Information Resources has set up a page dedicated to Remote Access to help you through this unique time. If you need assistance setting up Remote Access, contact Information Resources at 701.777.5046 or

On a related note, as you know, social distancing has become the new normal around the world. When we abide by the six-foot recommendation, we are helping maintain control of COVID-19. What we do not want to do is hinder our relationships while practicing social distancing. This is a unique time in which we can create different ways of spending time with our friends, family, and classmates. Some ideas to build and maintain relationships in this socially awkward time are:

  1. Use an app to talk and play games.
  2. Have a picnic while maintaining distance on two separate blankets.
  3. Play yard games while maintaining a distance.
  4. Watch an outdoor movie.
  5. Watch a movie or concert with someone virtually.
  6. Start or get involved with a virtual book club
  7. Have a virtual dinner with a friend or group of friends.

This is a time where we can all challenge ourselves to think outside the box.