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MS3: ERAS Tokens

ERAS tokens for the 2021 season

ERAS tokens were emailed to current third-year students on 6.14.21. If you did not receive your token, please check your junk email. The email had the following information in the body:

“Dear Student,

Use the ERAS 2023 token listed below to gain access to the MyERAS application.

  1. Go to
  2. Register for an AAMC Account

Already have an AAMC Account?
If you already have an AAMC Account, you may skip the registration process and just log in.

You may already have an AAMC account if you used another AAMC service in the past. AAMC services include but are not limited to MyERAS (ERAS, AMCAS, MCAT, VSAS, Careers in Medicine, etc. If you are unsure of whether or not you have an AAMC account or have forgotten your AAMC account login information, use the Forgot user name and Forgot password options on the login page.

  1. Once logged in to your AAMC Account, follow the prompts to enter your ERAS 2023 token.

ERAS 2023 Token: (#)

University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences”

As a third-year medical student, you can register your ERAS token now. This will be the only token you receive for ERAS (ERAS 2022 season) whether you register it now or next year. You will not be able to start your ERAS application until June 2022.

The benefit of registering your ERAS token now is that you will have the ability to request a letter of recommendation through the LOR portal. You can send a link to your letter writers so that they can upload the letters directly into ERAS.

Get to know your preceptors since they will write your letters of recommendation. Think about this when you are on rotation–

  • It is easier to ask for letters of recommendation while on the clerkship.
  • Give your potential letter writer a CV and a personal statement at the time that you ask.
  • Make sure to ask if they feel that they can write you a good letter of recommendation.
  • You cannot see your letters of recommendation; it is against the rules and could lead to sanctions.

Be sure to read your summative comments for each clerkship as you complete them. If you don’t agree with the comments, talk with your preceptor to get it changed now. These are the comments that will be used in your Dean’s letters and it’s easier to change now when it’s fresh in the preceptor’s minds. Dr. Porter cannot change or delete any of the summative comments that are in your final evaluations.