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MS4: Dean’s Colloquium

The Office of Student Affairs & Admissions is working on scheduling the Dean’s Colloquium, to be held on Thursday May 5, 2022, to provide you with some important information as you prepare for residency. We have planned for you to hear a message from Dean Wynne and a presentation to set you up for success financially. At the end of the day we will provide a panel of current residents, who are training in various specialties and have volunteered their time to help answer some of your questions and concerns about this transition. Emily Evers will soon be sending you a Qualtrics survey so that you can anonymously ask questions about your transition to residency. Be on the lookout for that email and be thinking of some questions to ask the panelists.

We would like to prepare a slideshow for you to enjoy during the lunch break. Please send one-PowerPoint “fun slide” about yourself to We will combine the slides to share with the class during the Colloquium. Examples of what to put on your slide can include life updates, recent vacations, where you are headed next, how you want to be remembered, photo collage, family photos, and so on.

Finally, congratulations on a very successful MATCH! It was very exciting for the OSAA to see where all of you will be going for your residency training and we are very proud of everyone.

We’re wishing you all the best,
The Office of Student Affairs & Admissions