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MS2: Myrecordtracker, Phase 2 clerkships

MS2: Phase 1

Please remember the Office of Student Affairs & Admissions no longer houses your immunization records. Do not email or fax any personal records to All of your records are stored at Myrecordtracker. It is your responsibility to keep your immunization information updated. Myrecordtracker will send you email reminders 30 days before the due date (15 days and 5 days as well). Please fulfill your immunization requirements by the expiration date to avoid any repercussions. If you are having trouble logging on or have forgotten your password, please call 855.225.8606 and press 1. You will be prompted to be able to leave a voicemail message. We have been reassured that operators try to respond within 24 hours.

It is extremely important that you keep your information in Campus Connection updated. Your current mailing address and phone number should be kept updated at all times to ensure you receive everything intended for you. Please make it a habit to update your information periodically!

MS2: Phase 2

As you begin your Phase 2 clerkships, pay particular attention to the summative comments that are in your clerkship evaluations. These are the comments that will be added to your MSPE (Dean’s Letter) verbatim. They cannot be edited for content. If you disagree with something that a faculty member has written, work with them immediately after the rotation to have the evaluation officially changed in Leo. It will be a lot easier to change it at the initial moment of entry rather than waiting to see a draft of your MSPE months later.