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MS3: MSPE Phase 2 summative comments, letters of recommendations

As you complete your Phase 2 clerkships, keep in mind that the summative comments from your preceptors are used verbatim on your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE). Be sure to review your evaluations in LEO. The formative comments cannot be used for the MSPE, only the summative comments. If there are any summative comments on your evaluations that are unclear or that you disagree with, you must contact the preceptor to have them officially changed in LEO. Other than punctuation or simple grammar changes, the comments cannot be changed without the preceptor’s permission. Please request any changes now as it is easier to do now rather than months after the clerkship has ended.

Also, remember that now is the perfect time to request Letters of Recommendations (LoR) for your residency applications as you work with practicing physicians. The letters can be uploaded to ERAS anytime if you have registered your token. If you have not claimed your token, you can find the email sent on June 8, 2023, to your official UND email address. Contact Cindy Stromme for more information.