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AccessMedicine from McGraw Hill is another of the many resources provided to you by SMHS Library Resources. Unlike other tools though, this one comes with a variety of different options which will help you through all stages of your time with SMHS. Whether you’re looking for textbooks during your first year of med school, test prep during your clerkships, or want infographics and differential diagnoses for residency, AccessMedicine can help.

To locate the complete AccessMedicine package, click on Access Medical Collections under “Quick Links” on the our home page. This will take you to the full selection of all the available options under this subscription. The top section includes many of the P2 clerkships with various books required or recommended by faculty and preceptors. To get a more general look at what’s available, click on “AccessMedicine.” One thing you’ll find here is the recent addition of Infographics which provides dozens of graphics for 16 different specialties.

McGraw Hill’s AccessMedicine package is also an excellent resource for Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy students with its F.A. Davis AT Collection  and F.A. Davis PT Collection . In addition to AccessPhysiotherapy, the F.A. Davis Collection provides full-text access to important sources such as Michlovitz’s Modalities for Therapeutic Intervention, O’Sullivan’s Physical Rehabilitation, and much more.

Finally, much of this is available through the Access-by McGraw Hill app for your mobile device. If you don’t already have an account, create one using the “Sign In” option at the top of any AccessMedicine webpage. Install the Access-by McGraw Hill app from the appropriate store (Apple or Android) and begin using it. For point-of-care use, you can enter the condition / disease you are researching and use the filter option to limit to infographics, books, etc.

There’s a lot of access with this one resource and it can be a lot of information, so be sure to contact us for help with any of these AccessMedicine resources or any other library tools.