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NASA EPSCoR CAN Opportunities | Tentative 2023 – 2024 Calendar

NASA has released a tentative schedule for the NASA EPSCoR CAN solicitations for the 2023 – 2024 academic year. The ND NASA EPSCoR Tentative Schedule for pre-proposals, reviews, selections, and full proposal submission is as follows (schedule is subject to change):

Program NASA Solicitation Release Date ND NASA EPSCoR Release RFP to ND researchers Pre-proposals Due to ND NASA EPSCoR Notice of Interest to serve as reviewers due to ND NASA EPSCoR Reviews due to ND NASA EPSCoR Selected Pre-proposals notified by Full proposals due to ND NASA EPSCoR Full Proposals due to NASA via NSPIRES Details
Research NOFO 10/9/23 10/11/23 Noon, 11/9/23 Noon, 11/9/23 11/27/23 12/4/23 1/12/24 1/22/24 3-year POP; $750K; Cost share required
R3 (Rapid Response Research) 11/13/23 11/21/23 Noon, 12/18/23 Noon, 12/18/23 1/8/24 1/16/23 2/16/23 2/26/24 1-year POP; $100K; No cost-share required
ISS (International Space Station) 1/8/24 1/10/24 Noon, 2/7/23 Noon, 2/7/23 3/4/24 3/11/24 4/12/24 4/22/24 3-year POP; $100K; Cost share required


NASA has released a tentative list of the 2023 R3 research topics (linked here).


Researchers are highly encouraged to reference previous solicitations to prepare for these upcoming funding opportunities.

Previous ISS Flight Opportunity

Previous R3 Opportunity

Previous Research NOFO Opportunity

Please reach out to Director, Dr. Caitlin Milera or Associate Director, Tori McIntosh with any inquiries.

Image: NASA engineers Rob Gallagher (left), Ken Smith (right) and Deneen Ferro (inside the spacecraft, center) work on the GPM Core satellite in the clean room at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt Md.
Credit: NASA