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Office Manager Job Opening: ND Space Grant and ND NASA EPSCoR

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The NASA Offices at UND are hiring! The North Dakota Space Grant Consortium (NDSGC) and ND NASA EPSCoR Offices at UND are hiring a part-time office manager to assist with administrative tasks (e.g. mailing, invoicing, processing stipends/reimbursements, etc.). Details: Part-time, 19 hours/week Skills: Organization, Communication, Technology Pay: $18/hr Applications due: Oct. 5th Link to Flyer […]

Testing Spacesuit Fabrics for Mars

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The Department of Space Studies at UND is working with the University of Florida on an experiment that can bring insights into how the conditions on Mars will affect spacesuit fabrics. Dr. Andrew Schuerger from the University of Florida developed a Mars environmental chamber that simulates the pressure, temperature, atmospheric composition, and radiation on the […]

ND Space Grant Bridge Fellowship – Connecting Students to STEM Research

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That’s the Big Dipper. That’s the Little Dipper. And not so long ago, that’s about as deep as Lake Region State College graduate Liz Deckert wanted to dip into space science. But that was before the kinesiology major and future chiropractor transferred this fall to the University of North Dakota, where she landed a NASA-funded Bridge Fellowship through […]

NASA EPSCoR Funds Model Spacesuits for the Future

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By Danielle Sempsrott NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Ever since he was a young boy, watching the televised lunar landings from his hometown of Cañuelas, Argentina, Pablo de León knew he wanted to contribute to human space exploration. Now, as chair of the Department of Space Studies at the University of North Dakota (UND), he’s doing […]

UND Space Studies at the SGAC Fusion Forum Conference

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Prof. Michael Dodge and Space Studies M.S. students Madison Diamond (center) and Kristin Shahady (right) recently attended the SGAC Fusion Forum Conference in Colorado Spring, CO. Prof. Dodge was also a panelist during the event.

Michael Dodge Interviewed for Georgia Spaceport FAA Approval Article

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Dr. Michael Dodge was recently interviewed for an AP article titled After 9 years and $10M, Georgia spaceport nears FAA approval.  Since 2012, Camden County on the Georgia-Florida line has doggedly pursued plans to build and operate the 13th licensed U.S. commercial rocket launch pad for blasting satellites into orbit.  Read the entire article at