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Professor Blake A. Klinkner’s article addresses upcoming U.S. Supreme Court cases regarding social media and free speech

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On February 26th, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases concerning whether social media companies have 1st Amendment rights to engage in content moderation. Professor Blake A. Klinkner recently published a law review article addressing these two cases, “Social Media and the First Amendment: Are Social Media Platforms ‘Common Carriers’ Without […]

Professor Blake A. Klinkner recently presented twice at the American Bar Association Western States Conference

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In his first presentation, “Social Media, Jury Trials, and the Right to a Fair Trial,” Professor Klinkner discussed the many ways in which jury access to social media threatens the right to a fair trial and, accordingly, the rule of law. lIn his second presentation, “So, You Want to Be a Law Professor? Advice for […]