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September 2021

Technopalooza: We are Back & In-Person!

WE ARE BACK! We are so excited for our 2nd Technopalooza technology fair and this year’s will be even better as we will be in person!! Have you ever wondered how to effectively use different programs, or you’re not quite sure how to use a certain software to its full potential? Well, we have just the event for you! Technopalooza is a technology expo happening Friday, October 22 designed to highlight various technology products and services offered to university faculty and staff! Some services including TEAMS, Zoom, Qualtrics, Docusign, Cybersecurity, 3D printing and more! This expo will provide a brief overview of multiple products and allow attendees to ask questions they may have. Technopalooza will be on Friday, October 22 on the 3rd floor of the Chester Fritz Library.

Cybersecurity Software Rollout of Cortex XDR

The past year and a half has certainly had its several trials and tribulations. With COVID-19 forcing companies to create remote workforces it made the cybersecurity industry even more important than it already was! UND wants to make sure all their students, faculty, and staff’s sensitive and confidential information is safe from cyber-attacks and threats.

The University Information Technology (UIT) department is currently in the process of deploying new software to UND-owned computers to ensure your data is safe. Palo Alto’s Cortex XDR will provide advanced detection and response to security threats. Cortex XDR accurately detects threats and reveals the root cause to speed up investigations, enabling attacks to be stopped before damage is done to the device or information is breached. For more information about IT Security on campus, visit our website.

If you have any questions, please contact UIT Cybersecurity Analyst Walters Ndi at:

Find out more on the Cortex rollout by visiting our Knowledge Base articles on the UND Cortex plan.

What We Have Been Doing Over the Summer

The classrooms team at University Information Technology (UIT) and Facilities worked hard over the summer to get several recording studios ready for faculty use this academic year. The recording studios are designed to support faculty working to develop or improve courses that have online components. Thanks to CARES funding, each recording studio will be outfitted with a monitor, computer, camera, microphones, Wacom tablet, and other technologies as needed. Also included is a UND-branded backdrop to add another layer of professionalism to the recordings.

The recording studios can be found in the following building throughout the UND campus: Upson, Leonard, Witmer, Merrifield, Hughes Fine Arts Center, Chester Fritz Library, Gamble, Law, Gillette, Clifford, Hyslop, Education, Nursing, and Aviation Maint Fac.

In addition to the recording studios, teams across UIT including classroom support, networking, and desktop support, worked diligently to ensure all classrooms were equipped with functioning technology needed for effective hybrid teaching and learning. The network was upgraded by adding wireless access point, new equipment was purchased, and upgrades were completed as needed. Staff from UIT spent time in every classroom to confirm technology was working and that classrooms and labs were ready for the start of the semester.

Check out what technology each classroom is equipped with on campus

One Drive

Are you using OneDrive for file storage and sharing? Some of the benefits of using OneDrive include access to files no matter where you are, on or off-campus, and on any device; files sync with Microsoft Teams which makes file sharing and group editing in real-time easy; secure file storage; and integrates with other Microsoft products and tools (including Office 365). OneDrive can easily replace your shared drive and create better, more efficient collaboration among your team(s) using a secure private cloud-based folder.

The Teaching Training and Development Academy (TTaDA) has developed several training and information sessions designed to help you better understand the functionality of OneDrive and how to and why to integrate OneDrive into your work. Whether you are working on campus or remotely, OneDrive is an important tool for effective collaboration and file storage.