Work Well Ambassadors,

Thank you for your patience through these past few weeks.  I was on vacation, then out sick and now working remotely!  What a whirlwind for everyone!

Thank you for continuing to be an Ambassador and WELCOME to all our new Ambassadors!  Each month we plan to send you some highlights for you to forward onto your department.  We will have to put the Ambassador Bash on hold until we are no longer working remotely.

If there is anything I can do for you, or you have any suggestions for education, challenges or programs to promote through Work Well, please feel free to reach out any time!

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you to expand the well-being experiences we are able to offer faculty and staff at UND, especially in times like the present.

Stay Healthy!

Andria Spaeth - Work Well Coordinator

Brianna Black - Work Well Program Assistant


We'll Be Here for YOU!

Need some help with how to stay healthy while working remotely? Work Well is here for you! As the employee wellness program for UND Faculty and Staff, we will continue to offer online challenges and access to educational resources to enhance life-long employee well-being. Work Well can help you with areas such as stress management, gratitude, preventative health, sleep, and much more. Best Part? There is no cost to participate in Work Well challenges or use the resources provided!


Wellness Spotlight

Do you know where handwashing originated from? How did handwashing become something we do multiple times a day? The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention calls handwashing a "do-it-yourself vaccine". It is recommended that you should be washing hands with soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds various times throughout the day. Read more in April's Wellness Spotlight.


Get Moving Challenge

The Get Moving Challenge is a 4-week challenge to increase your physical activity. You will keep track of your steps, covert them from other forms of activity if necessary. The goal is to get you moving or get you moving MORE.

It's open to everyone! UND staff, faculty, students, and their friends and family.

You can register as an individual or form a team (up to 6). The team can be made up of coworkers, family members, student workers, etc...it's up to you.

Register HERE if you have not already!


Are You Connected with Us?

Did you know Work Well and the Wellness & Health Promotion Departments have many platforms to stay connected? We strive to keep all students, faculty, and staff up-to-date everyday with multiple social media posts.

What do we share? We are focused on sharing the latest public health news, wellness programming, educational resources, and any updates on campus.

Curious on where to find us? Click on any of the links below:

• Work Well Website & Facebook

• Wellness & Health Promotion WebsiteFacebookInstagram & YouTube

• North Dakota Public Health Website

• Sanford Wellness Website 


Wellness Education Opportunities: 

Work Well keeps adding to this website. It houses several different topics for UND employees to learn about adapting to their new working environment and trying new behaviors that will lead them to a healthier lifestyle. Check it out HERE!


Working Remotely & Need Movement?

Working from home or remote can be hard on the mind and body. Movement is a part of our everyday lives, but might be hard to achieve from a distance. Remember: your health comes first. Make time for meals, drink plenty of water, and remind yourself to mentally “clock out” from remote work at the end of the day. These behaviors won’t just keep you healthy, they will also help you be more productive in the long run. Here are some ideas to also add movement into your schedule:

• Take a walk outside

• Try a new yoga flow

• Youtube has many indoor walking videos

• Stretch breaks are a must when working from home


Angel Fund: 

Be an Angel for UND students today! We know that life can bring unexpected challenges. We never want a student to leave UND because of a situation that is beyond their control.  The UND Angel Fund provides support for students so these challenges aren't a barrier to completing their education. To make a gift, visit the UND Alumni page HERE. Your kindness matters.  Thank you for supporting students through the UND Angel Fund.